Our Process

The actual process can vary somewhat depending on where you, are in your journey.
  • Are you wanting to know if a project is feasible? Looking for a contractor you can trust to partner with through design, budgeting and the construction?
  • Do you have drawings or sketches in hand, ready to complete the construction documents and finalize budgets so construction can begin?
  • Are you an architect looking for us to partner with your client to complete the budgeting and construction?
  • Are you an architect looking for a contractor to execute on your plans and specifications?
Our process is typically divided into three phases, starting with the initial meeting, often at your home.

This first meeting is to simply get to know each other a bit and share who we all are and gauge how we interact together.

Honestly, this is the most important meeting. While there may be plans, specifications and contracts in our future, we first need to believe we could be comfortable working together. This is where we all begin to sow the seeds of trust, critical to the success of your project.

A remodeling project is not a transactional agreement like purchasing a car where you can see and touch what you are buying. It is a relational agreement where we are communicating ideas, wants and desires connected to the ever present budget. We, as the builder, then spend the next several weeks or months turning these discussions into reality.

To move through the process of design, budgeting and construction, our clients have found the following three step method to be a comfortable way to advance the project while minimizing risk and unnecessary exposure.

PHASE 1 of 3 – Feasibility Study
The purpose of this agreement is to provide a general project design ideas and budgets. The conclusion being a project budget based on existing conditions, approved design concept and stated expectations of the client.

The fee for this service is $800 -$1200 for a typical remodeling project.

PHASE 2 of 3 – Design Agreement
The purpose of the design agreement is to fully develop the design drawings, specifications and selections of the previous “Feasibility Study”, including an “on-site” meeting with our trade partners and suppliers for purpose of clarifying the project for accurate bidding.

The conclusion of this phase will be the presentation of a “fixed” price" agreement with detailed specifications in order to clearly communicate the project scope, costs and construction timeline.
-The fee for this service is typically 3-5% the cost of the project.

PHASE 3 of 3 – Construction
The construction phase of the project includes:
· Completion of “permit ready” plans and documents
· Submit to local authorities for permitting
· Preparing the project for construction including the purchasing of materials, trades and labor resources as needed
· Creation of construction calendar
· Construction of the project
· Post project wrap up